Capoeira in N Fulton Schools– International Nights


Each year, many schools in the North Fulton and surrounding area host a wonderful event to celebrate the cultural diversity of their students and families – International Night! This year, Axé Capoeira Atlanta was very honored to support many schools in their festivities by representing the country of Brazil. Those who attended had the opportunity to experience fundamental elements that embody the culture, from delicious pão de queijo and guaraná, to the entertaining music and dance of capoeira. We hope that both natives and foreigners alike felt the joyfully captivating energy that exudes from the Brazilian people.

Thanks to the schools and the integral people who allowed us to be a part of their International Night this year:

  • Northview High School
  • Manning Oaks Elementary School
  • Barnwell Elementary School
  • Alpharetta Elementary School
  • Dunwoody Springs Elementary School

Our final International Night performance for this year is this Thursday, April 25th, at Dunwoody Springs Elementary. It’s a great opportunity for people to get to know the beautiful diversity in their schools and their community, and to experience the world without travel expenses!