Adults Capoeira

Beginner (no belts) — These classes require no previous experience. Covering martial-arts, dance, music, acrobatics, language, culture and more, these classes focus on developing coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance, rhythm and balance. The beginner (no belts) classes help you to establish a proper foundation so that you can get into Capoeira shape first and then learn all of the cool stuff later!

Mixed Levels – Open to all levels, these classes are designed to introduce intermediate and advanced concepts to every student. These classes incorporate extensive partner work, sequences, and drills so that students develop a stronger game.


I have never done something like this, can I still participate?

    • Yes. You don’t have to already be flexible or in shape to do something like this. That’s our job.
      All you have to do is show up ready to have some fun learning something cool!

How much does this cost?

    • Please click “membership dues” under the classes tab for information.

What should I wear?

    • Wear comfortable pants(no jeans or shorts please) and a t-shirt/top.

What should I bring?

    • A towel, a bottle of water and I.D.

Do I need a partner?

  • Although not required, we recommend doing so since you will have even more fun sharing the experience with a friend.