7 ways to overcome fear in Capoeira acrobatics


Drill the Basics

If you’re too scared to learn that next high flying acrobatic then break it down first. Think to yourself, “What is the simplest part of this movement that I CAN do”. When you find the basic element of the movement, DRILL IT! Repetition is key and will be an integral piece in unlocking your high flying potential. Try to shoot for higher reps (200-250) than normal when learning complex skills so as to give your body a chance to “figure things out”.

Find your inspiration

It could be a teacher, an advanced student or your Mestre (Capoeira master)! Be inspired by others but understand that no one is a superhero born doing backflips! One day they were where you are…too scared to jump or too scared to fall but they overcame that part of them. Maybe it’s at the next event that you say you just HAVE to land the move of your dreams. Maybe it’s the next performance. The trick is to set a goal and to have a relentless determination in order to achieve success.

Feel the Music

If you’re in a Capoeira school, get a friend to help! Have them to play the atabaque (drum) for you and make sure they crank up the tempo! Don’t have an atabaque? Blast your favorite Capoeira song as loud as you can tolerate it! Make sure the tempo is up! Don’t limit yourself to traditional Capoeira music either…playwhatever music makes you feel highly energized. Dubstep (god helps us) works well for this. Seriously…

Use Visualization

Yes, metaphorically visualize yourself completing the movement. But also, bust out the video! Record yourself and study your mistakes. This part won’t be pretty. Compare every single step, arm position, torso rotation and head position. Compare the way you’re doing the movement to someone else that you’d want yours to look like. There are many ways to search for the movements online. Try searching other art forms that may call the Capoeira movement you’re practicing something different.

Train more

Sounds like a no brainer right? But let’s get a show of hands of how many of us have thought about the movement 10 times as much as we’ve actually attempted it? Going to class on a regular basis will give you more confidence in your body. As Capoeiristas, we have to think of ourselves as athletes which means we need to properly prepare our bodies….don’t skip Capoeira class!


Be more limber, have more fluidity in the joints, promote tendon health and muscle repair. Achieving greater flexibility will give you the confidence you need to practice more difficult skills. If you absolutely hate stretching then set a simple goal for yourself. Even if you set a 10 minute timer 3 times a week, you will be WAY better off than doing nothing at all. Try it this week! If it works for you, then add 2 minutes to the timer next week.

Find your comfort zone

This really reinforces the first part of this post which said to drill the most basic parts of the acrobatic. When you start to do that, you will get into a rhythm. Your brain likes getting into a groove. You will start to build muscle memory in these lead-up movements and pushing a little further won’t be so daunting. How do you know you’re ready to just “go for it?”…let’s just say this, if you complete about 200-250 reps of the proper lead up skill then you will probably be really close already. Use the other techniques listed in this blog and you will know exactly when it’s time to just simply GO FOR IT!